Artist Statement

Art is an adventure - for the artist as well the viewer.

I have been experimenting in acrylic art mediums and techniques vocationally for 45 years.  Since art is an adventure, exploring ways to render the subject mater led to several series of paintings, "Roof Tops", Wood Grain Primitives", Beneath Our Islands" and "Arcadia Bayou Scenes".  Texture is used mostly in my paintings and can be very subtle to high relief.  I primarily use a palette knife to apply paint and often add sand, marble dust or pumice to the fluid paints to re-create an impressionistic landscape.  The painting than can be viewed from different angles and depending on the lighting they have a varied appearance each time you look at them.  This is due to the angle of light reflecting off each textured surface of color.  Pretty neat how God made light to reflect.  I hope you enjoy viewing my art and it brings a an awe of God's creation and a pleasant joy each time you see them. 

My journey has been advanced by encouragement from my precious wife, parents who observed my aptitude in the visual arts, family, friends and patrons and above all, my redeemer Jesus Christ, for His Grace and Gifts.   To give honor to whom honor is due, I write on the back of my works - "To God Be The Glory".

Thanks for taking the time to view these paintings and if I can be of service please contact me.

Milton Williams at

PS, web page a work in progress, last up date August 2015.